2018 Christmas Fundraiser for AMF


Together we raised


Which has all gone to the Against Malaria Foundation to fund insecticide treated bed nets. 
This will mean 16,000 nets will be purchased and distributed to families in need, protecting about 32,000 people from contracting malaria while they sleep for 2-3 years. 

This is about 26 millions nights sleep free from malaria, and according to GiveWell’s current best guess, will prevent thousands of cases of malaria, and prevent approximately 8 children from dying. 

You can still donate to the Against Malaria Foundation, or EANZ’s other highly effective partner charities here:

Effective Altruism NZ's 2018 Christmas Fundraiser for
the Against Malaria Foundation

The Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust (EANZCT) is doing a Christmas fundraiser for the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) this year. The trustees of EANZCT, and 12 other wonderful donors have provided matching funds, so the money you donate will be matched up to a total amount of


That means, that if you donate to the EANZCT’s Christmas fundraiser, your donation will be doubled, until we get $17,300 of donations, making a total of $34,600 going to the Against Malaria Foundation.

This is genuine matching – this money won’t be donated unless others donate! If no one donates to our fundraiser, the donors have said the $17,300 of matched funds will go to:

Savings: $7,900
Holiday: $6,205
Alcohol and chocolate: $2,089
Gambling: $250
Gym Membership: $256
Driving Lessons: $250
Crypto-assets: $350

So please donate to make a big impact, and prevent our donors from gorging themselves on too much alcohol and chocolate!

Why the Against Malaria Foundation?

Malaria currently kills approximately half a million people each year, mostly children under 5 years old. Malaria rates plummeted from 2000 to 2015, but since then progress has stalled in recent years due to lack of funding for interventions such as bed nets. We know how to reduce the harm of malaria, but more money is needed.

AMF provides insecticide treated bed nets that effectively prevent the spread of malaria. AMF is GiveWell’s top rated charity, and one of the world’s most effective ways to prevent illness and save lives. And at only around $3 per net, a small amount goes a long way. Learn more about malaria and why EANZCT support’s AMF.


Date Name Message Amount
22nd Nov Niki Happy, healthy Christmas x $100
26th Nov $100
4th Dec $1800
10th Dec Smerbs Merry Christmas JDK $100
10th Dec Scott $200
11th Dec $100
12th Dec Murray $25
12th Dec $200
13th Dec Ben $500
13th Dec $250
13th Dec $500
16th Dec $500
17th Dec Katie Barillo $130
18th Dec Jo Always happy to prevent Christmas vices 🙂 $25
18th Dec $50
18th Dec Anthony & Adeline $100
18th Dec Caroline Banks $50
18th Dec Jonny $250
19th Dec Forrest Family $500
20th Dec D & J McQueen $100
20th Dec $250
21st Dec $1800
21st Dec Louise Cowpertwait Keep up all of your amazing work people! $200
21st Dec Sam Buckman $350
21st Dec Sam Buckman $350
21st Dec Sam Buckman $350
23rd Dec LBS $52
24th Dec Harry and Myma Good luck with your efforts! $40
24th Dec Mari and Mike Good luck with your anti-malaria efforts $40
24th Dec Catherine Let's eradicate this terrible disease $1500
24th Dec Jen Down with mosquitos! $520
24th Dec Marcus Join the Extinction Rebellion! $25
24th Dec Thank you to LBS $400
24th Dec Merry Christmas from LBS $25
24th Dec $90.54
24th Dec $90.54
24th Dec Shi Ming $205
24th Dec $10,500
25th Dec LBS. etc $125
25th Dec LBS, etc $60
25th Dec $20
27th Dec Pam and Paul $250
27th Dec Merry Christmas from LBS $25
27th Dec Hamish Matching Donation $1,000
27th Dec Matching Donation $1,000
27th Dec Brian Walters Matching Donation $350
27th Dec Jenny Klosser Matching Donation $2,000
27th Dec Catherine and Colin Matching Donation $455
27th Dec Matching Donation $250
27th Dec Ecology & Con $250
27th Dec Ecology & Co $250
27th Dec Matching Donation $500
28th Dec Matching Donation $300
28th Dec $10
28th Dec Zoe & Jaram Matching Donation $1,000
28th Dec Jamie Matching Donation $2,000
29th Dec LBS Donation $25
29th Dec Evan Matching Donation $1,000
31st Dec Ivan Burduk Matching Donation 89
31st Dec Jaime and Anna-Kate Matching Donation $5000
31st Dec Matching Donation $1000
31st Dec David and Margaret Matching Donation $2,000
TOTAL $48,291.54