2019 Christmas Fundraiser for AMF

Save lives and double your impact!

Effective Altruism NZ's 2019 Christmas Fundraiser for
the Against Malaria Foundation

The Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust (EANZCT) are doing a Christmas fundraiser for the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) this year. 16 wonderful donors have provided matching funds, so the money you donate will be matched up to a total amount of


This means that if you donate to the EANZCT’s Christmas fundraiser from now until December 31st, your donation will be doubled– until we reach $15,300 of donations.. making up to a total of $30,600 going to the Against Malaria Foundation.

This is genuine matching – the pledged money won’t be donated unless others donate! If no one donates to our fundraiser, our donors have said they’ll instead spend the $15,300 on:

  • Savings/Investments: $8,372.83
  • Indulgent food & drink: $3250
  • Laptop: $250
  • Travel: $1,758.17
  • Games: $1,000.00
  • Stoat trap: $169.00

So far we have reached


of the pledged amount, so please donate to have a big impact and help us reach our goal!

Donation Form

There are two steps to donating to the EANZ Christmas Fundraiser:
  1. Complete the form below. This will generate a unique code for you to use for the transfer, and give you EANZCT’s bank account number.
  2. Complete the bank transfer with your bank online, entering the unique code we provide as the reference so that we can match your donation. You will receive a confirmation email within 7 days of your donation being received, with a tax receipt that you can use to claim tax credits at the end of the financial year. 

Your donation will be forwarded to the Against Malaria Foundation in January.

If you have any issues with the donation form just email [email protected] and we can help you donate another way. 


Why the Against Malaria Foundation?

Malaria currently kills approximately half a million people each year, mostly children under 5 years old. AMF provides insecticide treated bed nets that effectively prevent the spread of malaria. AMF is GiveWell’s top rated charity, and one of the world’s most effective ways to prevent illness and save lives. And at only around $3 per net, a small amount goes a long way. Learn more about malaria and why EANZCT supports AMF.

If we reach our fundraising goal,  around 10,000 bed nets will be distributed to families in need, protecting around 20,000 people from contracting malaria while they sleep for the next three years. This will prevent thousands of cases of malaria, and avert several deaths.


Please donate now to have your donation matched!