2020 Christmas Fundraiser

2020 Christmas / Summer Holiday Fundraiser for GiveDirectly

Photo of a woman who received a cash transfer from GiveDirectly

Many thanks to the generous donors who contributed to our Christmas / summer holiday fundraiser for GiveDirectly’s COVID-19 Africa Response

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going to GiveDirectly’s COVID-19 Africa Response fund.

Why GiveDirectly's COVID-19 Africa Response?

Our 2020 Christmas / summer holiday fundraiser supported GiveDirectly’s COVID-19 Africa response by popular request of the EA NZ community. This program sends unconditional cash transfers to people hard hit by COVID-19, and who were living in extreme poverty before the pandemic hit.

As governments imposed lockdowns to limit the spread of the pandemic, many African households were unable to continue earning a living. Traditional aid programs that rely on face-to-face interaction also had to be scaled back at the same time. Few had the financial resources to cope with this crisis. For example, in Mathare, an urban informal settlement in Nairobi, 95% say they are eating less due to COVID-19.

To address this, GiveDirectly has partnered with community-based organisations, health providers, governments, and cell network carriers across Africa to provide cash aid to vulnerable populations in need. This kind of direct giving is fast, efficient, and effective: and provides the dignity of choice and respect to recipients by allowing them to pursue their own specific needs. 

GiveDirectly is a GiveWell top charity. For more information about this program you can visit GiveDirectly’s website, or read GiveWell’s report on their work.


Our fundraiser is now closed to further donations. However, matching donors can still fulfil their pledges below.