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Against Malaria Foundation Fundraiser

Possibly the world's most cost-effective evidence based charity

Effective Altruism NZ supports the Against Malaria Foundation, which provides long-life insecticide treated bednets to malaria-risk areas, and may be the most cost-effective way of saving lives.  

In 2018 Effective Altruism NZ is fundraising for the Against Malaria Foundation using Tap Point devices in Cafes around the country, and through our Christmas Fundraiser

Malaria is a preventable disease transmitted by mosquitos, which provide a host for the parasite. The infection results in high fevers, nausea, aches, and sometimes death. In 2017, around half a million people died and over 200 million people fell ill due to malaria. 70% of those who suffer from malaria are under 5.

Distributing insecticide treated bednets has been shown to be highly effective at reducing cases of malaria, and numerous studies have shown bed net distribution reduce the mortality rate of this terrible disease. Each bednet only costs about $3, and protects two people from contracting malaria while they sleep. 

The low price and efficacy make the Against Malaria Foundation the most cost-effective way of reducing malaria, and possibly the most cost-effective way of preventing children from dying.

The Against Malaria Foundation has been rated as the number one charity by the rigorous charity evaluator GiveWell. 

Bednets already supplied by Effective Altruism New Zealand

When# bednetsPeople helped$NZD per net
01-Dec-1517763198 $                        3.96
10-Apr-17530954 $                        2.88
17-Apr-1744,91480,845 $                        2.66
30-Oct-1712,44622,403 $                        2.81
13-Feb-185,75710,363 $                        2.57
05-Apr-1825,92846,670 $                        2.79
27-Aug-1816,68430,031 $                        3.00
27-Aug-1816,68430,031 $                        3.00

See the impact of bed nets on rates of malaria in children

Between 2000 and 2015, bed nets have prevented 450 million cases of malaria, and have averted the deaths of over 4 million people. 

This map shows the increase in the use of insecticide treated bednets, and the reduction of malaria over a fifteen year time span:

What effect did all those malaria nets have?

This map shows the rate of incidence of malaria in children from aged 2 until aged 10. Red means close to EVERY child contracts malaria every year, and dark blue means no children contract malaria: