Strategic Plan

Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust Strategic Plan

Updated 31/03/17


Effective Altruism is a growing international community based around the idea of aiming to do the most good that one can. The world is faced with many pressing problems, such as extreme poverty, global ill-health, climate change, gender inequality, animal suffering, risk of war, and many more. There is simply no way that one person can solve all of the world’s pressing problems in their lifetime. This means it becomes important to prioritise, and to try to answer the question: of all the possible ways of using one’s time on earth to make a difference, which makes the most difference. Effective Altruism involves being open to all the possible ways to do good and pursuing the path with the biggest positive impact, using evidence to figure out how to do the most good, and choosing to make altruism a significant part of one’s life.

The Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust (EANZCT) aims to dedicate its donations to the relief of poverty, hunger, sickness, and the advancement of education. The trust shall endeavour to use 100% of the donations it receives towards fulfilling this purpose. In order to maximize the effectiveness of donations, the EANZCT looks to target the donations to those charities recommended by charity evaluators GiveWell, Giving What We Can and The Life You Can Save. EANZCT also values the research provided by The Open Philanthropy Project and The Global Priorities Project.

Specific Aims

  1. Raising funds to be given to the most effective poverty-focused charities
  2. Encouraging & promoting altruism and giving, especially within NZ
  3. Promoting the concept of Effective Altruism in NZ

Methods (status) [results]

  1. Raising funds to be given to the most effective poverty-focused charities.
    1. Determine the most effective poverty-focused charities (completed for 2016. The charities were reviewed in January 2017 and remain unchanged. Next review in January 2018)
      1. Investigate the best sources for EA evaluation (complete) [Use research from GiveWell, Giving What We Can, and The Life You Can Save  to direct funding to the best projects]Determine the most effective charities (completed for 2016/17) [Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), Deworm the World Initiative, GiveDirectly]
      2. Decide which charities to support (completed for 2016/17) [Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) & GiveDirectly. Deworm the World Initiative weren’t interested in entering an agreement with EANZCT at this time. As AMF is the only charity from these 3 chosen charities that currently has charitable status in NZ, & hence donees can receive tax rebates on their donations for this purpose, in 2016 & 2017 as this we will prioritize donations to AMF]
      3. Establish relationships with these effective charities (Complete for AMF, SCI, GiveDirectly)
    2. Establish a Charitable Trust (completed Feb 2016)
    3. Gain Charities Commission approval as a Charitable Trust (complete)
    4. Gain Donee Status with IRD (complete)
    5. Apply for Schedule 32 inclusion (Overseas Donee Status) (underway)
    6. Determine best administration methods (complete for now) [Aim to keep administration to a minimum. Any admin costs will be funded separately. 100% of donations will be given to the identified poverty-focused charities]
      1. Create webpage, database, and receipting system for the 2016 Christmas Fundraiser for AMF (complete)
      2. Create webpage, database, and receipting system for donations to our recommended charities (complete)
    7. Run specific fundraising activities / promotions
      1. Christmas 2015 AMF donation matching promotion (complete) [raised $7000NZD for AMF]
      2. Identify other opportunities (ongoing)
      3. Christmas 2016 AMF fundraiser, with donation matching (complete) [raised $10 000NZD for AMF)
      4. “Doing Good Better” book giveaway (underway, approximately 340 books delivered as of March 2017)
    8. Raise funds for the selected charities
      1. Set budget for income (donations) [FYE 2017 $100k, 2018 $100k, 2019 $120k, 2020 $140k]
      2. Receive Donations (ongoing) [FYE 2017 – ends 31/3/17 – $115,835.50 received]
      3. Distribute funds to selected charities (ongoing) [FYE 2017 – AMF $113,630.50, SCI $731.50, GiveDirectly $638]
  2. Encouraging & promoting altruism and giving, especially within NZ
    1. Develop an EA website (complete)
    2. Give talks on effective altruism to interested groups around New Zealand (ongoing)[over 2016/17 talks have been given at Auckland Skeptics, NZ Humanists Association, Christchurch Sunday Assembly, Christchurch Quaker Meeting, Christchurch group, NZ Philosophy Teachers Association, NZ Skeptics, and three high schools (St Cuthberts, Rangi Ruru, Christchurch Rudolf Steiner).
    3. “Doing Good Better” book promotion and giveaway (ongoing) [over 2016/17, direct promotion/giveaway via a variety of forums including Auckland Facebook group, news article & discussion, NZ Christian network, NZ Christian Leaders Congress, Fairfield Conference, Humanists group, Ignite, NZ Skeptics conference, Philanthropy NZ, Philosophy teacher’s conference, Radio NZ interview, UC Environmental Ethics, UoA event)
    4. Research into the generosity of NZers (underway – ongoing)
    5. Research into what motivates people to give
  3. Promoting the concept of Effective Altruism in NZ
    1. Develop an EA website (complete)
    2. Form EA groups
      1. Auckland University (complete) [This group had many events during 2016 and has formed a new executive for 2017]
      2. Canterbury University (complete)
      3. Christchurch (complete)
      4. Other cities and universities (contacts made in 2016 for a group to be started in Dunedin in 2017. Contacts made with interested people in Wellington and Palmerston North)
    3. Establish relationships with key EA people internationally (underway – ongoing)
    4. Identify & build relationship with people in NZ interested in EA (underway – ongoing)
    5. Use social media to connect with Effective Altruists in NZ, and to promote the concept of EA, altruism & effectiveness.
      1. Establish Facebook Groups (completed – ongoing) [3 FB groups – EANZ, EA Auckland, EA Christchurch]
      2. Promotion of EA through Facebook (underway) [EA concepts are being promoted through the FB groups, and also by individuals on FB]
      3. Promotion of EA, and EA events through our mailing list (ongoing)
    6. Host conferences, workshops
      1. Investigate hosting EAGx event, Auckland – with key international speakers (ongoing consideration)
      2. Connect with Effective Altruism Global (underway – ongoing) [EA Global, Melbourne July 2016, Sydney 2017, ]
    7. Promote EA through asking individuals to take a public pledge to donate a certain portion of their income annually to the world’s most effective charities. Examples of this pledge can found online through Giving What We Can or The Life You Can Save. (to be started 2017)


This strategic plan will be reviewed and updated regularly by the trustees and other members of the EA NZ community.