Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make grants? Can you help fund our charity?

We don’t make grants to individual charities at this time.¬†Our financial focus is on helping Kiwis make tax-deductible donations to the highly effective global health and poverty charities recommended by GiveWell.

If you’re a NZ-based charity looking for funding, we recommend you consult the givUS database, which collates more than 1,200 funding opportunities. Most council libraries subscribe to givUS on behalf of ratepayers, so you should be able to access the database for free via your local library.

What are your transaction fees? How much of my donation reaches the charity?

A private donor covers all transaction fees, so 100% of your donation reaches the charities you support.

We also take steps to minimise transaction fees in the first place. For example, we collect donations via direct bank transfer to avoid credit card fees. Then, when we distribute the money to our charity partners, we pool donations together to minimise international transfer costs.