EANZ Retreat

Effective Altruism New Zealand Retreats

Please note that the July 2020 winter retreat has been cancelled  due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’re working on alternative ways for the  EA community in NZ to connect during this difficult time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

The Effective Altruism NZ retreats gather aspiring effective altruists from around the country to learn, have fun, work on projects to improve the world, and support each other with our plans for having an impact in the future.

 Common activities include:

  • Discussing the aspects of EA that most interest us
  • Getting to know each other while hiking and tramping
  • Workshops on advanced EA concepts
  • EA related presentations and group activities
  • Games
  • Working on projects related to EA New Zealand, such as the EA donation swap, planning policy submissions, and fundraising for charities
  • Helping each other with career plans and donation decisions
  • Cooking and eating shared meals

Our retreats are typically designed for people who are familiar with effective altruism and are dedicated to improving the world using evidence and analysis― whether by donating, volunteering, or through their career.

That’s not to say newcomers aren’t welcome: we love to meet new people and the retreats are a great place to learn more. However, we do find that people get more out of the retreat if they’re already familiar with some of the underlying ideas of effective altruism. If you’re new to EA and are interested in coming to one of our retreats in the future, we recommend working your way through through the content at effectivealtruism.org and/or having a read of Will MacAskill’s book ‘Doing Good Better’. 

We hope that by connecting a bunch of EAs together at our retreats, we can help each other do more good for the world. This could be by improving our donation choices, supporting people in effective careers, working on or starting projects together, or just providing a community so we enjoy being altruistic, and stick at it for longer!

Past Retreats

Summer 2020- Arthur's Pass

A summer social and our first South Island retreat! Attendees can access photos, recipes, and other documents from the retreat in the shared Google Drive folder.

Winter 2019- Wainuiomata

More than 20 EAs from all around the country braved the cold and met for a winter retreat in Wainuiomata. Attendees can access documents from the retreat in the shared Google Drive folder.

Spring 2018- Wainuiomata

Our first retreat drew together about a dozen EAs from across New Zealand. Attendees can access photos and other documents from the retreat in the shared Google Drive folder.