EANZ Retreat

Effective Altruism NZ Summer Retreat 2020

The Effective Altruism NZ Retreat gathers EAs from around the country. The aim is to learn, have fun, work on projects to improve the world, and support each other with our plans for the future.  The 2020 retreat is will be the third EA NZ retreat – this time in the beautiful Arthurs Pass in the Southern Alps. 


WHO: The retreat is designed for people who are familiar with effective altruism, and are dedicated to improving the world using evidence and analysis, whether by donating, volunteering, or through their career.

WHEN: Thursday 23rd January 2020 to Sunday 26th January. We’d love people to come for the whole time, but we may be able to arrange transport for just the weekend (Friday night to Sunday)

WHERE: Arthurs Pass Outdoor Education Centre, in the Alps about 2 hours drive from Christchurch. We will organise transport from the airport and city to the retreat.


– Discuss the aspects of EA that most interest us
– Get to know each other while walking to waterfalls or up mountains
– Workshops on advanced EA concepts
– EA related presentations and group activities
– Games
– Work on projects related to EA New Zealand, such as media outreach, EA donation swap, planning policy submissions, fundraising for charities
– Cook and eat
– Suggestions welcome!

The hope is by connecting a bunch of EAs together, we can do more good for the world. This could be improving donation choices, supporting people in effective careers, working on or starting projects together, or just provide a community so we enjoy being altruistic, and therefore stick at it for longer!  

Probably about $200 per person for the whole retreat for accommodation and food (hopefully less), a little less if you can come for a smaller amount of time. Exact costs will be updated when we know numbers. 

OR MAYBE FREE! We will apply for a grant to allow us to fund students and low income EAs to come – which may cover transportation as well as accommodation and food. If the world will benefit from you coming to the retreat, we want to help you come



We hope that everyone who wants to can come to the retreat. There are restricted numbers available for the retreat, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to come. Please apply and we will get back to you to let you know whether you are accepted, or if we would like more information from you. 

Please fill in the form even if you aren’t 100% sure you can come, and even if you need funding to be able to come. 

If you have any questions email Alex on [email protected], or call/text her on 022 080 9071.