Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust

Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust

The EANZCT Team (& Trustees)


David Allis
Catherine Low
Rowan Stanley
Evan Simmers
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About the Effective Altruism New Zealand Charitable Trust

The Effective Altruism New Zealand Charitable Trust (EANZCT) has been formed and registered as a Charitable Trust in NZ. (Details can be seen at the Charities NZ website).

The Trust has been approved by the Charities Commission as a charitable trust, and has been granted Donee Status by the IRD (May 2016), and Overseas Donee Status (March 2019).

The Trust has  aims to promote effective altruism, and provide a way for New Zealanders to donate to effective charities.

The Trust is focusing on 3 specific areas –

1) Raising funds to be given to the most effective poverty-focused charities

2) Encouraging & promoting altruism and giving, especially within NZ

3) Promoting the concept of Effective Altruism in NZ

Further details can be seen in our Strategic Plan.

End of Year Reports

These are the reports submitted to IRD each year. 

2018/2019 Year:


Effective Altruism is a growing international community based around the idea of aiming to do the most good that one can. The world is faced with many pressing problems, such as extreme poverty, global ill-health, climate change, gender inequality, animal suffering, risk of war, and many more.

There is simply no way that one person can solve all of the world’s pressing problems in their lifetime. This means it becomes important to prioritise, and to try to answer the question: of all the possible ways of using one’s time on earth to make a difference, which makes the most difference.

Effective Altruism involves being open to all the possible ways to do good and pursuing the path with the biggest positive impact, using evidence to figure out how to do the most good, and choosing to make altruism a significant part of one’s life.

Inspired by the principles of Effective Altruism, the Settlor wishes to establish a charitable trust, to be known as the Effective Altruism New Zealand Charitable Trust, to give effect to the charitable purposes set out in this deed. In particular, the Settlor wishes to raise money to support the most effective poverty-focused charities worldwide.

Charitable purposes

The activities of the Trust are to be carried out, and the Trust Fund is to be applied, for exclusively charitable purposes, whether relating to the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, or any other matter beneficial to the community, including, without limitation:

(a)    conducting research to identify the most effective poverty relief-focused charities worldwide;

(b)    seeking donations to support those charities, and relieving poverty by donating funds to identified effective charities within New Zealand or overseas; and

(c)    promoting and raising awareness of Effective Altruism within New Zealand.

Means of achieving purposes  

The Trustees may, in order to achieve or advance the purposes of the Trust, but without limiting any of their powers under this deed or generally:

(a)    Raise funds and seek volunteer support as needed to advance the Trust’s charitable purposes;

(b)    Create partnerships with other Effective Altruism charities, particularly those focused on poverty-relief; and

(c)    Undertake such other activities as the Trustees determine from time to time will achieve or advance the charitable purposes of the Trust.


For more information see our strategic plan: